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October 08, 2007



This entry brings back memories from when I was in elementary school and we cut out silhouettes of ourselves in art class. Fun!


Hello. I love these sil's. I have a L. Pierre Bottemer oil painting. It is a beautiful seascape with a full moon on a partly cloudy night. As a child I stared at this painting at my Grandmother's house. As she is now passed on, I now stare at this painting at my own house. I don't know much about art, but sometimes I just can't take my eyes off of it.

Judith Brosche

I too have a silhouette done by Bottemer. I found it in a shop in Plainfield,Indiana. Mine is a darling young girl.

maureen Looeny

I have two darling girl silhouettes as well. I got mine in New Jersey, the back of the frame is a stamp with Mt. Vernon. What was the date he was creating these?

Amy Falbo

I have one of a little boy. The date is
10-30-1950. I bought mine in Pennsylvania.

Becky Bragg

I took oil painting classes from Pierre Bottemer in Pompano Bch., Fl., around 1977. He must have been in his 70's then. I learned to paint the moonlight seascapes mentioned above. He told me that he taught Hollywood stars oil painting - Claudette Corbert, for ex. He had also offered classes in large department stores. I took classes in his lovely studio several blocks from the ocean. It was full of beautiful seascapes, landscapes and even an illustration of a bison that he had done for National Geographic. We had easels side-by-side, and he would paint a minute, and then I was expected to copy what he had done. He told me that painting would always bring me comfort!

Susan Ashley MIchael

I have a Bottemer silhouette of myself at around five years of age (1950) and while measuring it for a frame, noted the stamped signature, decided to look for more information, and found your site. Love Becky Bragg's story.


I just received two silhouett's of my mom and her brother very young maybe 7 or 8. love them


I forgot to mention. At that time had to be 1937 maybe when he first started. they are in perfect condition

mike alva

@howard: I own a print of that same painting that I inherented from my grandmother after she past. It was the only thing I wanted of hers after staring at it all the time as a kid too. It now hangs in my livingroom and I'm staring at it right now. Small world :)

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